About us

Your one stop solution center

Better living also means wagering on functional and flexible spaces.

Our mission is to offer innovative solutions and spaces tailored furniture to create a custom and unique environment, where the sleeping area with Murphy bed becomes a dynamic and functional area during the day.

Always custom made, our design team will help you create a layout to suit all your needs and expectations. Limuro offers design solutions for small space and on site, you will appreciate the service of our team of qualified designer for a custom design that will fit all your needs according to your dimensions.

Custom made at our workshops since 1978.


Urban Inspiration

The common goal that drives urban clientele is to maximize space and find storage solutions for small spaces. Here is the most functional day time solution before returning to a cozy night.

With solutions from Limuro, you earn an extra room without increasing the number of square feet.



Our huge selection of colors and materials offers full freedom to your creativity. Dare to permeate your identity to your space through unique materials.


The beauty of minimalism

A stylish wall bed along with a trendy storage concept always customized according to your needs. Aesthetics and comfort are at the center of our concerns.


Custom comfort

With a wall bed, you sleep on a real mattress. So there is no trade-off between comfort and space.