Terms and conditions

1. Custom Furniture

All our orders are custom-made. A minimum fee of $250 will be charged for any changes following acceptance of the order, in addition to any costs related to product changes/additions. The buyer has verified and approved the specifications (dimensions, colour, materials, etc.) for the furniture ordered and has also verified the access to the room, the position of the heat sources, sprinklers, switches and electrical outlet of the room, and confirms that no obstacle will affect the installation of the furniture ordered.

2. Payment

Any merchandise sold will be paid by credit card, bank transfer or certified check, the day before the delivery at the latest, or upon pick up by the buyer. The seller will retain full ownership of sold goods until full payment by the buyer. Prices indicated are before tax and in Canadian dollars. All amounts due and unpaid will bear a monthly rate of two percent (2%) or 24% per year. All costs and fees to recover amounts due to Limuro will be paid by the buyer.

3. Condition of Sold Goods

The buyer has a period of ten (10) days starting on the date of delivery or pick up to inform the seller in writing of any
defects in quality or quantity of the sold merchandise. At the end of this period, the buyer will be deemed satisfied with the merchandise and will no longer be able to claim any defects regarding the merchandise.
– Since wood is a natural material, each piece is unique and different from the others, so it is normal to have different levels of colour and density on the same piece of furniture.
– The wall unit tops are never finished and can be visible depending on the location of the furniture installation (ex: view of a mezzanine, floor or staircase).

4. Furniture Warranty

Merchandise sold is guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for one (1) year starting on the date of delivery or pick up.Warranty on Bed Mechanism : “MURPHY Wall-Bed” mechanisms have a 25-year warranty*. Italian mechanisms have a 5-year warranty*.

Important: The wall bed and wall units must always be securely fastened to the wall by a qualified professional installer in accordance with the applicable standards of the country, province or State of the installation site (for ex., RBQ in Quebec).
NEVER open a wall bed that is not properly secured to the wall. It could tip over and cause serious injuries. Check your installation regularly.

If your installation does not seem stable, do not use it and contact our customer service.
Important: Make sure the legs of the wall bed are unfolded before putting the bed on the floor, and folded before closing it.
If the large rod connecting the 2 legs is incorrectly aligned or adjusted, make sure to tighten the octagonal black bolts at the end of the legs. Any improper or abusive use will automatically void the mechanism and/or furniture warranty.

Important: Do not leave anything in the bed case that could prevent the door from closing properly. For example, large pillows or a pile of bed sheets could prevent the door from closing properly, which could cause accidents, since the bed door could open by itself.

HAVING TO PUT EXTRA STRENGTH to keep the bed door closed or vertical means that something prevents it from closing. Remove anything that
prevents the door from closing properly.

* On parts only, transportation and labor costs extra. The mechanism warranty is not transferable from one owner to another. Any improper or abusive use will automatically void the mechanism warranty. To keep the spring tension on the mechanism, it is recommended to close the bed every day. A grinding sound in the mechanism does not mean that it is

5. Liability

The seller’s liability in case of damage or any claims from the buyer or any other parties is limited to the sales price of the said merchandise.

6. Wall Bed Mattress

For a foam or spring mattress, the thickness of the mattress must be between 7 “and 11”, depending on the chosen
mechanism, and must be able to stay in vertical position without sagging. To adjust the mechanism, the mattress must be on-site at the time of installation; fees will apply if we are to return. 100% latex or 100% viscose mattresses, as well as futons are not suitable for the wall beds.

7. Delivery and Installation

The wall bed is assembled on-site by an independent installer. The room and access to the room must be free and ready before the installers’ arrival. The floors must be installed, the walls finished, the electricity must be functional; in summary, the room must be in live-in condition the day of the installation.

The wall structure upon which the bed will be installed must be made of wood, metal or concrete, and be 3-inches thick. Wall beds cannot be installed on brick, stone, terracotta, or plaster walls with wooden laths, except if there is something in the back on which the bed can be fixed. Wall beds cannot be installed on a pocket door.

7.1 A charge of $125/hour will be billed directly to the buyer, by the installer, for any delay beyond our control caused by the buyer (or his/her personal designer or agent), such as: freight elevator not reserved, buyer late or unavailable at the agreed time and/or nobody on-site to represent him/her, room not free, interior inaccessible, complex exterior access, design error, etc.
7.2 If it is impossible to install the order in the room at time of delivery, transportation costs will be charged to the buyer, with an additional fixed fee of $250 (example: we cannot install in a building under construction under the CCQ and not ready for delivery).
7.3 Any changes that require additional labor will be charged directly by the installer to the buyer at a rate of $125/hr.
7.4 All of our electrical products come with a wall plug; no electrical connection is made by the installers. Installers do not have permission to connect computers and/or electronic devices.

8. Fees to Delay Installation

If the scheduled installation date has been confirmed by Limuro and accepted by the buyer, but is delayed by the buyer less than three (3) business days before the scheduled installation date, a fee of $250 will be charged to the buyer.
8.1 Storage Fee : If the buyer postpones the delivery and/or installation to a date that is more than ten (10) days after the scheduled date previously
confirmed and accepted by the buyer, a daily storage fee of $25 will be charged to the buyer.
9. Cancellation Deadline and Fees: The buyer has a period of three (3) days from the date of purchase to cancel the order. An amount equal to 10% of the total order (maximum $350) will be retained on the deposit for consulting and administration fees, in addition to any production costs incurred

Moving Steps

Do not attempt to uninstall the bed without carefully reading the instructions first. The order of the installation steps is very important, and you could be seriously injured if you do not follow the instructions. If you lost the laminated sheet of instructions you received when your wall bed was installed, please contact us toll-free at 1-888-424-0308, or download it from the Mechanism section of our Web site at www.limuro.com.

Additional Information

1) Wall bed must be secured to wall at right angles and leveled. It is most likely that the wall bed will not lean perfectly against the wall (meaning that it will not be in contact with the full height of the wall). This is not a manufacturing defect. Walls and floors are rarely at perfectly right angles.

2) At time of installation, the spring mechanism calibration must be such that the legs do not touch the floor. Ideally, the door should remain suspended from 1 or 2 inches from the floor. After having been opened for approximately 24 to 48 hours, springs will expand by 10%, and the door will lay on the floor. The weight of the mattress is what keeps the door on the floor. Please note that all mattresses do not have the same weight. If you change your mattress, springs will need to be readjusted.

3) It is normal that the wall bed door closes rapidly when there is no mattress. It is also normal that the door lifts up when you lift the mattress to put the bed sheets in place.

4) Do not put anything permanent on the bed facade that could make the bed door heavier.

5) If the mattress platform is not perfectly horizontal and leveled, it means the floor is not leveled. This will not affect the mechanism warranty UNLESS the level difference is greater than 1 ¼”. The mechanism tolerates ±1″. Legs can be modified if necessary; fees will apply.

6) A grinding sound in the mechanism does not mean that it is faulty. Two causes are possible:

A) One of the 18 springs might have moved slightly and rubs against another spring. Usually, this problem goes away by itself within a few days.

B) The springs are in a humid environment that corrodes them; you will need to change or lubricate the springs.

7) A bolt that unscrews does not mean that the leg mechanism is faulty. Simply tighten the bolt to prevent damaging the parts.

8) If the bed door rubs against a side of the wall bed, it means the wall bed is no longer leveled or at right angles. The floor and/or the wall bed has moved. It is not a defect of the furniture; a small adjustment is needed.

For any other questions, please visit our Web site at www.limuro.com in the FAQ section, or contact our customer service
directly at 1-888-424-0308, ext 0 or at [email protected].