Frequently asked questions

What bed sizes are available?

Depending on the design and components required, our retractable beds are available in the following sizes;

Single bed
Double bed
Extra-long double bed
Queen size bed
Short queen bed
King bed

Does the bed have to be fixed to the wall?


The Murphy bed must ALWAYS be secured to the wall to prevent it from tipping when you open the large door hiding the mattress. Read the disassembly steps BEFORE unscrewing the Murphy bed from the wall.

Is it heavy to lift?

Weight varies depending on bed models and mattress types. Generally, there is no problem.

Advice: Foam being lighter than springs, the use of a foam mattress is highly recommended for users with reduced physical strength.

Can the bed come back up on itself?

No, it is impossible.

The bed door’s lift is assisted by a spring mechanism, which is adjusted to balance the combined weight of the mattress and door. Some bed models are lighter than others, but there is always a minimal effort required to lift the bed door.

Are there different mechanisms?


Yes. We use two mechanisms when making wall beds. The most common – the Italian mechanism – has been distributed in Canada for many years. It is characterized by 2 white metal cases, each containing 9 adjustable tension springs. The bed door is supported by 2 retractable chrome finish legs.

The other mechanism – the Murphy bed mechanism – is distributed in Quebec by Limuro. It is characterized by its black steel structure, its extra strong spring mechanism and its large folding leg.

What is the warranty?

The furniture is covered by a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

The Murphy-bed mechanism is covered by a 25-year warranty on all metal components.
* Certain conditions apply

What type of mattress must be used?

Standard size foam or spring mattresses, up to 9″ thick.

In both cases, mattresses are offered in many choices of comfort and quality. Please note that 100% latex, 100% viscose mattresses, pocket spring mattresses, as well as futons are not appropriate for Murphy beds.

For more information on available mattresses, please go to the “Mattress” section in tab PRODUCT CATALOGUE.

Can we leave the bed sheets and comforter inside the unit when closed?


Inside a Murphy bed, there is about 11″ left of space for the mattress and bedding. With a 9″ thick mattress, the bed sheets and comforter can stay on the bed before the bed door is closed.

Advice: Use a single size comforter with a double size Murphy bed. With Murphy beds, you do not have to use the comforter to “hide” the bedspring on each side of the bed. This will result in less bedding inside the closed wall bed. Similarly, use a double size comforter with a queen-size Murphy bed.

Can we leave the pillows inside the bed when closed?

All depends on the pillow’s thickness.

There are many pillow sizes, some a lot thicker than others.

Advice: Selecting standard pillows and a thinner – but evenly comfortable – mattress will allow you to keep both bedding and pillows inside the bed.

What is the Murphy bed depth?

16″ or 21″ depth.

Murphy beds 21″ thick have a built-in bookcase headboard offered in various configurations, where cushioned headboards can also be installed.

What materials are available?

High quality melamine, solid wood, and wood veneer: pine, birch, and oak “rift cut”. Melamine is the most affordable option. Melamine beds can be combined with wood mouldings on doors to create a more elegant look. In manufacturing options, the bed case can be made of melamine with wood facade.

Advice: In manufacturing options, the “combo” version is a Murphy bed case in melamine with wood facade. The same colour is used all around, even at the back of the bed.

Do you have many models?

Yes, we have more than 30 bed models in our regular collection, in addition to custom-made models.

With our choice of 35 melamine colours, 20 wood stain colours, 13 door models, 7 styles of cornice and more than 250 complementary storage units, the possibilities are endless.

Can we add additional storage units?

Yes. They are all designed to match the Murphy bed.

Complementary storage units are offered with standard height and width, but are always custom-made according to your needs and dimensions. Wardrobes, drawers, bookcases, computer desks, shelves, and even entertainment centres can be added to your wall unit.

What is the production lead time?

Production lead time varies depending on bed models.

Everything is custom-made to your specifications. This is why we do not carry any inventory. Production lead time for a melamine Murphy bed ranges from 4 to 5 weeks. For wood Murphy beds, orders can take 6 to 8 weeks.

The acces to the room is very cramped, will you be able to deliver the Murphy bed?


Murphy beds are too large and too heavy to fit in an elevator or a staircase. This is why all Murphy beds are assembled on site.

Advice: When access is limited, it is important to plan the complementary storage units accordingly. Our designers and interior design consultants are well trained to guide you through your size choices.

Do we have to take out the baseboards to install the Murphy bed?

It is not mandatory.

Depending on how thick the baseboards are, we can install the wall bed directly in front of them, as we would with an armoire. In some cases, it looks better to push the bed completely against the wall. However, since most floors and walls are almost never at right angles, the entire wall bed rarely leans perfectly against the wall.

If your baseboards are old and rather large, we suggest that you keep them, because it is unlikely that you will be able to replace them if you move.

My floor is not levelled, can you install the Murphy bed anyway?

Yes, all our furniture has levellers. The bed mechanism can accommodate a 1″ difference in floor level.

Floors are rarely levelled; a 1″ level difference is accepted and does not affect the mechanism warranty. If the floor level difference is higher, the bed legs will be modified for an additional fee.

Can the bed be moved?


The bed is assembled on site. Thus, it can be disassembled to be moved. Read the disassembly steps BEFORE unscrewing the Murphy bed from the wall. Disassembly steps are available on this site.

Advice: Ask your retailer about our disassembly services.

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Can we install our wall bed ourselves?

No, installation must be carried out by professionals.

– The retractable bed must be securely fastened to the wall.
– The bed cannot be fastened in drywall alone.
– Using the appropriate hardware, a specialized contractor will need to fasten the wall bed into wood or metal studs, framing members or a cement wall.
– Periodically check the condition of your installation to make sure the bed is still securely fastened to the wall.