Murphy Bed™ Mechanism

Distributed in Quebec by Limuro, it is characterized by its black steel structure, its extra strong spring mechanism and its large folding leg. Intended for residential use, it is designed to be used with all vertical and lateral beds.

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Murphy bed mechanisms

Mechanisms are in stock for quick delivery and can be picked up at L’Assomption warehouse.

For pick-up at the Montreal or Quebec City store, please contact the store directly to place your order.

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Top-of-the-range mechanism

Since 2000, Limuro has been the trusted supplier of Murphy Bed™ mechanisms. A leader in high-end retractable beds, we are privileged to offer our customers the international recognition of the brand.

Products of refined engineering, the mechanisms feature an exclusive foot system under warranty for 25 years. What’s more, our springs, made entirely in North America, are capable of supporting an impressive load of up to 2000 lbs.

Benefits of Murphy Beds™ mechanisms


Their robust models feature an elegant design and a mechanism that can be deployed with just one hand.


Designed for residential use for all vertical and lateral beds, our mechanisms are lightweight and easy to handle.


Their North American-made springs offer a quality, socially responsible product.


You can rest assured that the Murphy Beds mechanism comes with a 25-year parts warranty.

More details

Distributed exclusively in Quebec by Limuro, it features a black steel frame, extra-strong spring mechanism and large fold-down leg. It is intended for residential use for all vertical and side beds.

  • 25-year parts warranty
  • Robust, Canadian-made European design.
  • Easy to handle with a single folding leg.
  • Lightweight door for easy handling.
  • Accepts mattresses up to 11″ thick.
  • Accepts mattresses up to 100 lbs.
  • Supports up to 1700 lb of weight.