Home office design: inspiration and advice

Published on August 9, 2023
Last update on August 17, 2023

Whether you work from home permanently or need space for occasional tasks, a well-designed desk can help boost your productivity and well-being. Discover the key steps to creating an office space that meets your needs, motivates you and helps you achieve your professional goals from the comfort of your own home.

1. Choosing an office zone

In common spaces
Look around your home to identify areas that could accommodate an office; it could be a corner in a bedroom, an alcove in a corridor or even part of your living room. Rely on retractable desks to save space and give your room a dual purpose. Limuro desks are designed to adapt precisely to the dimensions of your space, and blend into the surroundings once the work table is retracted.

In an unused cupboard  
If you have an unused closet in your home, you can transform it into a functional, discreet desk. This practical solution allows you to optimize available space while providing a dedicated work area. You can choose to hide the desk by closing the doors, or simply remove them completely for a recessed look.

In the guest room 
If you have a guest room, it can easily accommodate several functions. Although a bed usually takes up a lot of the space in a room, there are retractable beds that allow you to reclaim the space when it’s not being used for sleeping. Limuro offers you a host of customized solutions, including desks, storage and even sofas, to design your guest room office to suit your needs.


2. Adjust brightness

With natural light  
If possible, opt for natural light. Daylight is ideal for working, because it’s softer and less tiring on the eyes. Ideally, place your desk near a window to benefit from the natural light. Take care, however, to avoid reflections on your computer screen.

With auxiliary light  
Complement natural light with a desk lamp to illuminate your workspace directly. Make sure the lamp provides sufficiently bright, glare-free lighting. LED lamps are often recommended, as they provide bright, white light while being energy-efficient.

With ambient lighting  
You can also add complementary lighting sources to create a warm, personalized atmosphere. Use floor lamps, recessed lights or LED strip lights to illuminate specific areas of your office, or to add a decorative touch under your shelves or inside your racks.


3. Promote comfort

With the right chair  
Ergonomics are crucial to your well-being and productivity. Make sure your chair and desk are at the right height to avoid back and posture problems. Invest in an adjustable chair and a desk with sufficient legroom.

With a screen at the right height  
Place your computer screen directly in front of you, about an arm’s length away. The top of the screen should be at eye level or slightly below, so you don’t have to tilt your neck excessively up or down.

A touch of greenery  
Work environments with greenery can create a more soothing and relaxing atmosphere, which can have a positive impact on productivity and job satisfaction. What’s more, plants with large, thick leaves tend to be more effective at dampening ambient noise.


4. Optimize storage

With everything at arms reach 
Make sure you’ve got the basic supplies at hand. This includes storage (shelves, drawers) to organize your documents, and potentially accessories such as a mouse pad and pen holders.

With cable covers  
To avoid tangled cables and ensure a safe working environment, organize electrical wires using adhesive fasteners or boxes with holes. Also make sure you have easy access to an electrical outlet, close to the office, to power your electronic devices.

With charging stations  
Did you know that our charging stations are now available for your custom Limuro office? Another ingenious way to limit the amount of messy wires and unclutter your decor while recharging your electronic devices.

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5. Decorate to your taste

Personalize your space  
Personalize your workspace to make it a source of inspiration. Add decorative elements, such as photos, posters or motivational quotes. These personal touches can stimulate your creativity and help you stay motivated throughout the day.

Create a focal point  
Whether it’s with an accents-coloured wall, a curtain or a mosaic of frames, your choice of background can help reinforce an image of professionalism and competence during live conference calls from your home office.

Experimenting with color  
Choose colors and patterns that appeal to you and inspire you. If you want to promote concentration, opt for neutral tones or soft hues. You can also opt for a bright color palette to bring energy to the space.


With careful planning, efficient organization and a personal touch, you can turn a room into a functional, comfortable and inspiring office. Don’t forget to maintain order and ergonomics to help you work productively and optimally in your new workspace!