20 storage ideas to maximize small spaces

Published on January 4, 2024
Last update on January 4, 2024

Living in a small space can come with its share of challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining neat and organized living. However, with a little creativity and ingenuity, even the smallest spaces can be optimized to offer efficient storage and an uncluttered environment. Discover our selection of simple and affordable ideas for maximizing storage in the different parts of your home.

In the living room

Un salon de taille modeste ne signifie pas compromettre le style ou l’organisation. Au contraire, les petits espaces offrent une opportunité de repenser la façon dont nous utilisons chaque recoin :

1. A multifunctional desk  
Opt for a dual-function retractable desk that can be closed when not in use. This feature frees up space while providing a functional work area when needed.

2. A shelf behind the sofa 
Install a discreet shelf or long, slender sideboard behind the sofa to display decorative objects or store books without cluttering up the main living room space.

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3. Floating furniture  
Use floating furniture to visually open  the space. They create a spacious ambience and also offer additional surface space for storing objects, while maintaining an airy feel to the room.

4. Nesting tables  
Nesting tables are practical because they can be nested to save space when you don’t need them, but can be separated to serve as side tables when you’re entertaining guests.

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5. Side tables with storage  
Choose side tables with drawers or shelves to keep remote controls, magazines or other small items within easy reach without cluttering up the space.

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In the kitchen and dining room

Innovative solutions, from cabinet organization to the creative use of available surfaces, can not only maximize storage space, but also make these spaces more pleasant to live in every day.

6. Magnetic plates for spice jars  
Attach magnetic plates under cupboards to store your spice jars. This frees up worktop space while keeping your spices within easy reach.

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7. A chopping board over the sink  
Optimize work space by adding an oversized cutting board that can slide over your sink. This extends the work surface when needed, while leaving the faucets accessible.

8. Discreet under-cabinet storage  
Incorporate drawers at toe kicks to store cooking hobs or other equipment you use less frequently, optimizing this often underused space in kitchens.

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9. A bench seat with storage  
Give preference to bench seating in the dining room. Not only do they save space by eliminating the need for movement behind the chairs, but they also provide valuable storage underneath the benches.

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10. A pantry with drawers  
Install sliding shelves in your pantry for easy access to items in the back. This makes efficient use of space and prevents you from forgetting the existence of some of your products.

In the bedroom

The organization of this space takes on a special significance: intelligent, efficient storage can not only optimize the functionality of the bedroom, but also foster a sense of calm and serenity.

11. A headboard with storage 
Use a headboard with storage compartments for books, personal items or other items. It’s a practical way of using the vertical space behind the bed.

12. A vanity mirror  
Opt for a vanity mirror that offers storage compartments for jewelry and accessories. This adds practical functionality while saving space.

13. A trunk bed  
Invest in a bed with built-in storage under the mattress. This provides optimal storage space for seasonal or infrequently used items, while favoring quick, effortless access.

14. Storage under the window  
Make the most of spaces under windows or bedroom corners by installing benches with built-in chests for storing bed linen, pillows or other bulky items.

15. Drawer organizers  
Install adjustable drawer dividers to organize underwear, socks or accessories, maximizing space and keeping drawers neat and tidy.

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In the bathroom and laundry room

Optimizing space in the bathroom and laundry room is essential to creating functional, organized spaces. These two rooms of the house, though different in their use, often share the common challenge of having to make the most of limited space.

16. Multifunctional equipment  
Incorporate an ironing board in a drawer or a clothes dryer on the wall to save space and make this equipment easily accessible when needed.

17. Wall-mounted towel racks  
Install wall-mounted towel racks or opt for a built-in towel warmer to save space and add comfort to your bathroom.

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18. A shelf behind the toilet  
Use a shelf behind the toilet to store small items such as toiletries or cleaning supplies, maximizing the use of vertical space.

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19. Shelves flush with the wall 
Use shelves and wall rails flush with the wall to display small decorative objects. This frees up space on the vanity while adding an aesthetic touch to your bathroom.

20. Niches in the walls  
If the composition of your walls allows it, the integration of small niches can considerably increase your room’s wall storage space. Whether in the shower, behind the vanity mirror or above the toilet, this built-in space can help you store everyday items.

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In short, maximizing space in small spaces requires a creative and practical approach. By using multifunctional furniture, innovative storage solutions and optimizing the use of unused space, it’s possible to create a well-organized and welcoming interior, whatever the size of your home.